Thursday, December 19, 2013

Questions About My Phone (stolen from someone else's blog)

1. Do you still have a land line?
Yes I do. Not exactly sure why... perhaps in the event that power goes out and my cell is without juice, or something is blocking my cell signal, like aliens or the drone of some giant monster wreaking havoc outside.
2. Which cell phone do you use and why?
I have the Samsung Galaxy S4. I love Samsung's phones. Had the S2 and loved it, so I stuck with Samsung. I refuse to get an iPhone because certain people i've known who've had it were so obnoxious about how much they loved it it's given me a bad taste in my mouth.
3. Which provider do you use? Is there really a difference?
I use AT&T. I can't really answer this question as I have not had any other providers before. I've heard good and bad things about all the other providers out there.
4. If you call someone and they don't pick up, do you leave a message?
It depends on why i'm calling. If it's important then I will leave a message.
5. When you have a missed call (with no message), do you call the person back?
No unless I think it's important, but then again, if it were important, they would leave a message, no?
6. Do you text willingly or reluctantly? How are your skills?
Willingly. I prefer texting to making phone calls. I hate talking on the phone, it's not really my thing. I find that texting is a less intrusive way of communicating information to someone.
7. Has your cell phone replaced your camera?
Actually it has. My cell has become my camera, my calculator, my calorie counter, my e-mail messenger, my digital encyclopedia, my directions source, etc.
8. Selfies?
I'll let this photo answer that question...
9. How many apps do you have? Which is your favorite and why?
I haven't counted them but not too many. My favorite one is probably PicsArt, which is a photo studio that allows me to do all sorts of things with pictures. Such as....
10. What would life be like with no cell/smart phone for one month?
I think it would make my social life less active, but on the other hand it might make me focus with more detail on other things.
How much has your cell phone become a part of your sex life? Sexting, hookup apps, selfies, video, GPS, more?
This is a timely question. Last night I logged onto one of those apps to say hi to a friend. A half hour later I got hit up by some young bear dude. Within a few hours he was over my place, giving me a very good rimjob. Haha! It's become an easy way to communicate with fuck buddies to see if they're available or vice versa. I can't tell you how many times i've gotten random texts, e-mails, messages, etc from someone that resulted in naked shenanigans.

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  1. I am one of those people who still does not have a cell phone. I just refuse.
    It is always interesting to see how they have become such a big part of everyone else's lives.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!