Monday, March 18, 2013

Ink... what does it mean?

The following is a set of questions that I stole from another blog. It's about tattoos.
1. How many tattoos do you have?
I have ten and counting.
2. What is the most important piece of advice you'd give someone who wants to get a tattoo?
Get something that's representative of who you are and meaningful to you. You're paying money for something that's going to be permanently etched on you, so make it meaningful. For example, ask anyone with a tribal tattoo what it means to them and 99.9% of them will give you a blank stare and mutter something like "um.... I just thought it was cool".
3. What are your tattoos and where are they?
a) Godzilla profile on my right calf.
b) Gigan and Jet Jaguar (from Godzilla vs. Megalon) on my left calf.
c) Ultraman on right side of my chest.
d) Science Patrol symbol (from Ultraman) on my inner left forearm.
e) Blue bear paw on left side of my chest.
f) Tokidoki skull and crossbones heart on my right arm.
g) Cross and rosary and my left arm.
h) Light blue bear paw on my right butt cheek.
i) Ultraman face with rising sun beams on my inner left underarm.
j) Godzilla circle design on my back.
4. What's the meaning behind them?
A,B + J = I'm a huge fan of Godzilla. I grew up watching those movies, it's one of my biggest hobbies. Godzilla fan for life!
C,D + I = I'm a huge fan of the Japanese Ultraman shows. Grew up watching them and still do, own plenty of Ultra stuff. Ultraman fan for life!
E + H = I'm a proud gay bear, so the bear paw represents that.
F = I loved this design when I first saw it, i'm a fan of Tokidoki products (they make toys, clothes, make-up, stickers, etc.). This design spoke to me because it combines 2 contradictory symbols. The heart is the symbol of love, and the skull and crossbones are the symbol for poison, so to it me it symbolizes that love is poison.
G = I grew up semi Catholic (my mother prayed with rosary's, went to church, my dad said "fuck that shit!"). Catholicism is part of the latino culture, it's a part of my upbringing. To this day I carry a rosary in my pocket, and now I have one permanently inked on my skin. While i'm not a big fan of a lot of the Catholic religion, I do like and practice some of the rituals.
5. What are some ideas for future tattoos?
I have a drawing of Ultraman that I like, would like to put him on a surfboard, riding a wave. I would like to get a Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull because I love that holiday (another Catholic tradition). I've thought of getting the word Osito (little bear in spanish) tattooed across my belly. I'd also like to get more japanese monster stuff, maybe others like Gamera the fire breathing turtle of Spectreman.
6. Do you think you'll ever regret your tattoos when you're 80 years old?
If I live to be that old and my body is wrecked with arthritis, bad joints, pain, possibly walking with a cane, and God knows what else, I seriously doubt regretting my tattoos will be an issue.
7. Do you think your tattoos make you more or less attractive to others?
I personally don't care. If you like me then you like me. As for my personal taste, a guy with tattoos greatly increases the chances of me getting on my knees and giving him some oral satisfaction. Hehe....
8. What's a spot on your body that you would not get tattooed?
Definately nothing on my face, not my neck. Not the fingers or the hands either (though i've seen some cool hand ones).
9. Do you prefer getting tattooed by men or women?
I don't care as long as the artist is good. All of my ink thus far has been men, but as long as the artist is talented then gender is not an issue for me.
10. Do you know anyone with genital tattoos?
I have a tattoo on my butt, does that count? I have one friend who also has some ink on his butt. Haven't met anyone in person with ink on their dicks, though i've seen a few in porn films. I've also seen a few porn actors with ink around their buttholes. To each his own.