Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fujiya & Miyagi

Last night I got to see Fujiya & Miyagi at the Independent in San Francisco. The last time I had gone up to this venue was a few years back, to see Sea Wolf and The Jealous Girlfriends. I remember that time I had trouble finding parking and drove around for almost 30 minutes to find something. This time I was able to find parking when I first got there. It was about 6 blocks away and I could've found something closer, but I was just happy to find available parking.

They opened with Cat Got Your Tongue and played a good set of fun, funky tunes. They played most of the stuff I wanted to hear, including Minestrone, Taiwanese Boots, Yoyo, Tinsel & Glitter, Uh, Knickerbocker and Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue, which they waited until the encore. The only songs they didn't play which I would've loved to hear were Pickpocket and Dishwasher. Still, it was a good show and a nice start to the year.

Something that was also interesting was when the guy at the door was checking tickets and ID's, he told me that I was the 4th person with the same birthday. I know i'm not the only person that was born on January 1st, but it was funny that there were already 4 of us New Year Capricorns at the show.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm over the winter.

The temperatures these last few nights have been in the low 30's. It's supposed to rain in the next couple of days. I know we still have a few months to go before the spring season returns, but I am over this cold weather already. I want it to be warm so I could wear shorts, t-shirts & tank tops. I wanna see guys wearing as little as possible. I want summer fun already. Did I mention I wanna see guys wearing as little as possible? I'll just have to be patient and wait. That's it for now, nothing else to say.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Muriel, you've no dignity!

I just turned 40 and I find that at this age i'm no longer willing to tolerate certain things. This person I knew for almost a decade has been steadily getting on my nerves for at least the last 5 or 6 years of that decade. After spazzing out over absolutely nothing, this person decided to delete me off FB (for the upteenth time) and stop talking to me over something completely stupid and immature. Per usual, after about a month I start getting random texts from this "friend" here and there, like nothing ever happened. Well i'm now a 40 year old man and have no time for this 12 year old shit! I basically have been ignoring every text and desperate attempt by this dumbass to contact me. This dumbass is so predictable that i'm able to predict every move. I told others that I was going to get a text on my b-day, and surely enough, that's exactly what happened. The next attempt will be sending me a random photo of something related to Godzilla, Ultraman, or some other hobby that i'm into to try getting my attention. I just know that's what's going to happen, and i'm going to continue ignoring and not bothering to reply. What's pathetic is this person's lack of dignity! You made an ass of yourself and after receiving silence from your contact attempts, it should be clear to you that this person is no longer interested in bothering with you. When someone walks out of my life I lift my arm and wave goodbye, then go about my business. I will not waste time trying to force someone to stay. I just don't understand how some people can lack such dignity and self respect that they'll continue to try worming their way into someone's life after it's clear that this person has written them off. I still have an ex who will attempt to contact me every few years or so. It's sad how pathetic people can be. But that's THEIR problem, not mine. All I can do is continue to surround myself with happy, positive people, and kick the party poopers, whiners and buzzkills to the curb.