Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Earlier today I was checking my blog. The page came up, but when I clicked on each blog individually it said that the blog had been removed. So i'm posting this to see if this posts up. Bizarre.....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Matthew Montgomery, i'm still waiting for that good film...

I just got finnished watching yet another bad gay film. It starred Matthew Montgomery, an actor who I think is cute and has a nice ass (which he seems to show in most of his movies), but dammit, each and every one of those movies sucked, and not in a good way either! When it comes to indie gay cinema, there are a lot of BAD movies, but occassionally some good ones do rise out of the muck. I just don't understand how he hasn't had the fortune to be in any of those films, being how prolific he's been over the last few years. Socket was probably the closest he got to almost good, but that was ruined by the lead Derek Long, who is one lousy actor, and a script that tried to be like early Cronenberg but not enough. As I browse through the rental history of my Netflix queue I realize that i've given Matthew Montgomery another chance time and time again, and yet each time I haven't been able to get through at least 30 minutes of his films without lowering my head into my hands and thinking "Oh Jesus! That was bad!" I know deep down that it's his bare ass that keeps me coming back for more, but I would like to see that cute ass of his star in a film that i'd actually want to purchase on DVD. Maybe if i'm lucky he'll be having coffee one day and in will walk David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky or Guillermo Del Toro and he will say "hey, you look like you'd be perfect for this role in a film i'm currently working on" and he'll finally get to star in a good film. Oh well, a bear can dream, can't he?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A day in the life of a geek bear

This morning started with me getting a bunch of texts from this dude I know. I'll call him Legila (**whenever I disguise someone's name I substitute it for the name of a Japanese monster that has the same first initial**). Legila is the type of dude who tends to whine a lot about being single, how there's no quality guys out there, how come he can't find a decent guy, etc, etc. He claims that all guys want is sex and that it's hard for him to find anyone who is interested in dating. And yet, within a few back and forth texts he's suddenly sending me pictures of his dick. I resisted the urge to educate him on how acting slutty too soon will not land him those quality guys that he seeks. When we Capricorns give advice we sometimes come off as bitchy, and besides, Legila is no spring chicken, so if he doesn't know what to do to get the type of guy he seeks then it's probably pointless to tell him. Then I recall Morrissey from The Smiths-era singing "you shut your mouth, how can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am human and I need to be loved.... just like everybody else does..." On the other hand, Morrissey grew up to be a bitter old queen, so clearly his way was the wrong way, but I digress.....
After the oversexed text messages from Mr. I Need Love, I shaved, took a shower, then left the house because today was a gorgeous day and I wasn't about to waste it indoors. I got some coffee then stopped at my favorite japanese bookstore down the street from where I live. Kinokuniya is a cool store because they got books, arts and crafts, cd's and dvd's, clothing (I bought a really cool hoodie there), all sorts of writing pens, cute knick knacks and toys. This visit I was in luck because they had a bunch of Ultraman and Ultraseven mini figures for sale. I love getting those figures, they're cute as hell. The only thing is they come in unmarked boxes so you never know what you're going to get and you might end up with repeats in an attempt to get the entire collection, but that's part of the fun. I got some cool friends who like toys anyway so I usually give my extras to them. Here's 2 group shots of the ones I picked up today:
Pic 1: (from left to right: Shapuray Seijin, Telesdon, Banila, Ultraman Zoffy, Dorako, Jiras, Gyeron, Pandon & Red King)
Pic 2: (from left to right: Seabozu, Dino-Tank, King Joe, Keronia, Gyango, Dada, Baltan II, Ultraseven & Woo)
 Of course there are 2 figures that I really want and didn't get so i'll be going back soon to get more. Oh the insanity of collecting! After that I met up with a friend and we had lunch and some drinks and a nice chat about serial killers, tattoos, healthcare reform, how the 80's music we grew up with is now considered oldies, artwork, how nothing is playing at the movie theatres that we're interested in watching, and made plans for next weekend. The weather is going to be warm this week and i'm hoping it stays warm next weekend as well.