Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gay Geeks

I've always found gay geeks to be particularly hot. The sci-fi fan with glasses and slightly punkish touches (like tattoos or piercings) has always gotten my motor running. Some of the best sex I've had has been with some sci-fi geeks. I stumbled across this photo and it reminded me of some of these hot geeks I've been with. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cinema, Play and Chillaxin

The last 3 movies i've watched were Blue Jasmine, Underneath and You're Next. Blue Jasmine was classic Woody Allen, filled with humor, great acting (Cate Blanchett nailed the delusional neurotic to a T! Love her!!!!) and Woody' usual nihilistic viewpoint of love as a trainwreck just waiting to derail. I've always liked that honesty about his films. The other 2 were horror flicks. Underneath was a low budget bore about an annoying couple who get trapped in an underground cavern and are stalked by humanoid things. Both of their deaths couldn't have come fast enough. You're Next, on the other hand, was a very fun film about a wealthy family get together that suddenly gets crashed by a group of animal mask wearing killers. One of the family guests turns out to be quite a kick ass who turns the tables on the killers and ruins their plan.
This week has found a spike in my man on man action. A few days ago I finally met up with some guy who's been trying to get together with me. He was a lot of fun, furry, tasty, friendly and nice. Wouldn't mind meeting up with him again. Then yesterday I had some dude over that I was chatting with on some meet up website I won't name (hehe), and he was fun too, though he moaned loud enough that most of my neighbors probably heard it and know that someone had a good time. An old friend of mine also invited me to a play party as his pad on Sunday, so that should be fun. Been to quite a few of his gatherings, there's always naked fun to be had at them.
As for the rest of my weekend, I plan to relax and take it easy. Maybe do some painting. Some cooking.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Things that annoy me (in no particular order)

We're all human, therefore, we all have annoyances. These are some of mine.
1. When fast food isn't fast. When you go to a fast food drive-thru window and they ask you to park and wait for your food. The whole point of going through a fast food drive-thru window is to get the food fast, no??? If I wanted to wait 10 minutes then i'd just as soon prepare a meal at home or go to a sit down restaurant. The good thing about this is that I hardly eat at fast food restaurants, but occassionally I have experienced the park and wait thing.
2. New parents who expect the world to suddenly become kid-friendly. You made the choice to have kids, now shut up and take the consequences. I have nothing against parents or kids (some of my good friends have kids), but just because you chose to have kids doesn't mean the entire planet has to suddenly stop and readjust itself to fit your needs. Expecting your favorite cocktail lounge to suddenly become kid-friendly because you now have one isn't gonna happen, so take your entitled ass somewhere else.
3. Long-winded people. If you have something to say, get to the damn point please! Just because you feel the need to process every possible angle out of a simple yes or no question doesn't mean that the person asking it has 20 minutes to hear you babble about your theories.
4. Fashion police who bitch about how others dress. Everyone has different taste, therefore everyone will dress differently. There's certain clothing items/accessories/styles that I may find hideous, but guess what? I deal with it by not buying it or wearing it. There has to be more important things to concern yourself with besides how someone else dresses.
5. Poz-phobic guys who engage in bareback sex. You're willing to have random unprotected sex with a complete stranger you just met in a bar/online hook up site/etc, but explain to me how you think that's going to keep you negative? I understand that no one wants to catch any bugs, but how in the hell do you thing the poz guys caught what they have? By doing EXACTLY what you're doing. Unless you have one of those rapid tester kits with you every time you have sex you don't know what anyone has, regardless of what they say. Here's a radical idea = how about educating yourself first before bending over for some cute stranger you just met 10 minutes ago...
6. People who post their drama on public forums and get mad when they don't get positive feedback. So you just cheated on your boyfriend with his best friend and you get upset when people on Twitter, FB, etc, tell you that you asked for it? If you put your personal stuff out there for all the world to see, then you can bet that someone is going to tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. So keep your personal stuff to yourself if you can't handle it.
7. Chronic tardiness. This really gets on my nerves. To the point where i'll automatically decline invites from certain people because i'm not in the mood to deal with their inability to make anything on time. I understand that sometimes shit happens and it causes one to be late, but to consistently show up 1½ to 2 hours late every damn time is annoying and just plain rude.
8. Weight loss miracles. There are NO weight loss miracles. No magic pills that will automatically transform you into a 6-pack stud or Barbie doll. Stop watching that quack Dr. Oz and stop shelling out $$ for his magic diet pills, because if there were an actual diet pill that worked, no one would be overweight. Diet and exercise are the ONLY things that will work, so join a gym, buy a bicycle, treadmill, cook more at home, etc.
9. Pretentious people who miss an opportunity to gain humility. You may think you're cute as hell, but not everyone will, so just because that guy in the bar rejected you doesn't mean you have to bitch about how he's ugly, old, and you didn't really want him anyway. Accept that you ain't everyone's cup of tea and move on, and remember this the next time you're approached by someone you're not interested in.
10. When you invite someone out and they want to change the plan. It's not a discussion. If I was open to doing different things I would say "let's hang out, i'm open to whatever". If i'm in your town at a certain club or event and ask if you wanna come down and meet me, then no, I don't want to suddenly abandon my plans to go do something different that you want to do. If my invite doesn't sound appealing then a simple no thanks isn't that hard.
11. Those who bitch about being single, then complain about/fight with their partner when they're attached. Remember when you were single and all you did was whine about how you couldn't meet a decent person? Well please remember that the next time you feel the need to complain about your new partner or have a stupid fight in front of all your friends. There are decent people out there, maybe if you stopped treating them like shit they'd actually stick around.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Resolve To....

I did not make a New Year's resolution this year. And as I walked into my gym this afternoon I was relieved to see that it was not overcrowded like I had expected it to be, overflowing with a bunch of New Year Resolutionists who've resolved to lose weight, get fit, and will all fail miserably by the first week of February.
I was kinda dreading walking in, but I guess people either decided to try something more realistic for their resolution, or they didn't bother making one at all. I usually try to improve myself all year round anyway. Everyone should strive to do that, not just one time of year, just like i've always felt that if you're going to be kind to others then you should do that all year round, not just around the holidays.
Now that the holidays are over, the people who spent them over eating, over spending, over drinking, over doing whatever it was they were doing are suddenly faced with no more excuse for their behavior, so they try to justify it with silly resolutions that are not realistic. Instead of resolving to do something that you know you won't achieve, try something more realistic or fun instead. Resolve to go out more and have fun. Resolve to spend more time with friends. Resolve to cook more at home. Resolve to throw a fun party by the end of the year. Resolve to eat dark chocolate (healthier) instead of milk chocolate. Resolve to not spend so much time with people you don't like. As for me, the only thing I can think of to resolve to do is maybe not lust after the hot guys at my gym, or sneak peeks at their hot asses in the shower, or fantasize about being gang raped in the locker room. But c'mon now, those are things that make the gym so much more fun.  ;-)