Friday, January 24, 2014

Cinema, Play and Chillaxin

The last 3 movies i've watched were Blue Jasmine, Underneath and You're Next. Blue Jasmine was classic Woody Allen, filled with humor, great acting (Cate Blanchett nailed the delusional neurotic to a T! Love her!!!!) and Woody' usual nihilistic viewpoint of love as a trainwreck just waiting to derail. I've always liked that honesty about his films. The other 2 were horror flicks. Underneath was a low budget bore about an annoying couple who get trapped in an underground cavern and are stalked by humanoid things. Both of their deaths couldn't have come fast enough. You're Next, on the other hand, was a very fun film about a wealthy family get together that suddenly gets crashed by a group of animal mask wearing killers. One of the family guests turns out to be quite a kick ass who turns the tables on the killers and ruins their plan.
This week has found a spike in my man on man action. A few days ago I finally met up with some guy who's been trying to get together with me. He was a lot of fun, furry, tasty, friendly and nice. Wouldn't mind meeting up with him again. Then yesterday I had some dude over that I was chatting with on some meet up website I won't name (hehe), and he was fun too, though he moaned loud enough that most of my neighbors probably heard it and know that someone had a good time. An old friend of mine also invited me to a play party as his pad on Sunday, so that should be fun. Been to quite a few of his gatherings, there's always naked fun to be had at them.
As for the rest of my weekend, I plan to relax and take it easy. Maybe do some painting. Some cooking.

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  1. I sure hope you have as much fun at your party as I did last night.