Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Resolve To....

I did not make a New Year's resolution this year. And as I walked into my gym this afternoon I was relieved to see that it was not overcrowded like I had expected it to be, overflowing with a bunch of New Year Resolutionists who've resolved to lose weight, get fit, and will all fail miserably by the first week of February.
I was kinda dreading walking in, but I guess people either decided to try something more realistic for their resolution, or they didn't bother making one at all. I usually try to improve myself all year round anyway. Everyone should strive to do that, not just one time of year, just like i've always felt that if you're going to be kind to others then you should do that all year round, not just around the holidays.
Now that the holidays are over, the people who spent them over eating, over spending, over drinking, over doing whatever it was they were doing are suddenly faced with no more excuse for their behavior, so they try to justify it with silly resolutions that are not realistic. Instead of resolving to do something that you know you won't achieve, try something more realistic or fun instead. Resolve to go out more and have fun. Resolve to spend more time with friends. Resolve to cook more at home. Resolve to throw a fun party by the end of the year. Resolve to eat dark chocolate (healthier) instead of milk chocolate. Resolve to not spend so much time with people you don't like. As for me, the only thing I can think of to resolve to do is maybe not lust after the hot guys at my gym, or sneak peeks at their hot asses in the shower, or fantasize about being gang raped in the locker room. But c'mon now, those are things that make the gym so much more fun.  ;-)


  1. LOL, I like your new years resolution suggestions but those last're only human.

  2. Great resolutions! But you really should consider the gang rape... I know you are up for it.