Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The year will be over in just a few hours, and with it goes me being 41. I turn 42 tomorrow (don't recall what time exactly I was born). I'd say that the worst part about being 42 is all the older people who always have shit to say like "that's nothing, try being (insert older age)!". Well who the hell asked you, anyway???
But being older does come with benefits. Mostly experience that hopefully makes you wiser. Here's just a few things i've learned in 42 years on this planet....
** Physical fitness is important. The more you do at a young age the better your body will feel at an older age, as well as slowing down the aging process.
** Most older men are fantastic in bed. Even as a younger guy I always had the best sex with older dudes. More often than not they know how to please a man, whereas their younger, hotter counterparts may look good naked, but sadly, in most cases that's all they have going for them, because many (not all, but a lot) will leave you wondering "is that all there is???"
** Life is too short to hold on to excess baggage, whether it's yours or is attached to someone else. Pull out those sharp shears and cut that shit loose!
** Life is too short to not enjoy yourself, so take that trip you've always dreamt of, pursue that job you've always wanted, pursue that guy you've always been too self conscious to pursue, start that hobby you've always imagined, etc, etc. Just live your life and let the haters rot away like the bitter old bags that they are.
** Nothing makes a hangover better than a good Bloody Mary.
** Don't hang on to people who don't want to stick around. Point them to the nearest exit and let their asses leave.
** A man with a huge dick who doesn't know how to properly use it as useless as a car with no wheels.
** Don't expect anyone else to make you happy. Get off your naive butt and go find that happiness yourself.
** Don't base your worth on what others think of you. It's YOUR life, not theirs!
** A smile and a good attitude can go a long way.
Happy New Year, keep on truckin', keep on fuckin'!  ;-)


  1. Happy New year!
    Good post, It sure seems that you have learned all the right things.
    yeah…. keep on fuckiin'!!

  2. Happy New Year! Wise words indeed! With that philosophy, your 40s could only be fabulous! I can especially vouch for the "most older men are fantastic in bed" comment.

    However, I can relate to those people who say "try being _____!". I'm 51 and despite being athletic and quite fit, my body is just now starting to show its wear and tear ..... failing eyesight, arthritis, aches and pains etc. The only solution is to keep on moving!

  3. I agree with Buddy Bear. Nice wise words. Good post!