Monday, December 9, 2013

The End Of The Year

Well it's almost the end of the year. It went by fast. Some things changed. Some things stayed the same. I stayed connected with most everyone I know except one person whom I stopped being friends with. No loss there, as he was turning into one of those annoying people that you find yourself wondering more and more "and i'm hanging out with this person because???" The older I get the less tolerance I have for self-centered, egotistical, pretentious, judgemental idiots who point out others mistakes as if their shit don't stink, so distance myself I did, and it worked.
I continued going to the gym and losing weight. People keep telling me i'm losing weight, that they've noticed. And I enjoy working out as well. Seeing the result myself is nice. I just pack my gym bag and go right after work, I find that method works best for me. The hot guys working out and in the locker room/shower are an added bonus. ;-)
I did a lot of fun things this year, attended a lot of fun events, including a few live shows. The best by far was The Presets. They put on a damn good show, full of energy.
Did a lot of dancing at clubs. One that plays mash-up DJ mixes (a mash-up is where a DJ will mix 2 or 3 songs to create a new song, and many times they'll mix artists from different genres to get something interesting). The same club, on another night, hosts a goth/industrial/synth pop night, and that was fun, dancing to a lot of the stuff I grew up listening to. And of course there were the underwear parties where I stripped down to a jockstrap and sweated it out with hot, half naked men (and then some). Even in my early 40's I find clubbing lots of fun.
I got to see a lot of naked public flesh at Pride, Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fair. I even serviced a few dudes at Dore Alley. After all, when in Rome... hehehe!
The japanese toy company Bandai allowed me to flex my geek muscle as it released a new series of 5" Ultraman monster figures. I've gotten quite a few (and currently am expecting 3 more from ebay). They also released the complete series of Ultraseven and Return Of Ultraman on DVD, which I got and am eagerly looking forward to the release of more.
I watched several new movies this last year. The one that really stood out, though, was the remake of the 80's slasher classic, Maniac. It was originally released in late 2012 I think, but I was able to watch it this year. Anyways, anyone who knows me knows that I usually hate remakes of horror movies. This one, however, is the rare exception that gets it right. It was fantastic, brutal, and the killer was played by Elijah Wood, who took on a different approach to the title character, portraying him more like a severely socially phobic nutcase who murders women due to mommy issues. This was the best horror film I saw all year. Simply awesome!
Not a bad year at all. The holidays were either lots of fun (Halloween) or uneventful (as I expect Christmas to be, though the pic below is what i'd love to see happen, hehe!).
So this year wasn't bad at all.

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