Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bear or Cub?

That is the question. For the longest time I referred to myself as a bear. Not that it mattered, but since people feel the need to identify themselves with labels I figured i'd go with one that best represented me.
I joined a gym last year, started working out regularly, etc, and shed some pounds. Not much, or so I had thought, but everyone who sees me begs to differ. In the last few months i've been told "you're shedding pounds", "you're wasting away", "you've lost hella weight", "what are you eating that you're losing all this weight??", etc. One friend even went so far as to say to me "Skinny bitch, you ain't a bear anymore!"
And then there's the dudes. This last year, especially, i've been called cub by lots of guys. Never bear, just cub. I figured that at my age (41, soon to be 42) I was too old to be referred to as a cub but I guess that's not so. Not that it matters. I don't mind being referred to as a cub. If the guy is hot, if it's in the middle of some good sex, you can call me cub all ya want.
I've always thought this labeling thing was kinda silly, as everyone has their interpretation of what a certain "type" is and what a certain "type" is not. And I can't say that I like certain types either, because although there's certain features that make me more attracted to a dude (beard, hairy body, tattoos, shaved head, nipple or septum piercings, big feet) those features can be found in many different types of guys. But I do like bears... or cubs... or whatever they're currently being called.  :-/

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photo Randomness.....

Today's entry is just a bit of photo randomness. Some pics I had on my phone or came across and what I have to say about them.
1. This pic is from a story that showed up on Facebook about a guy who was allegedly kicked out of a football game for wearing a speedo. This guy is FUCKING HOT and maybe the powers that be were jealous that he was drawing more attention than the game. Not sure if this really happened, but if cheerleaders can wear very little, than this stud can show off sexy body.
2. I took this photo earlier this year in a coffee shop bathroom. I wondered why this sticker was placed on a liquid hand dispenser. The only thing I could think of is that someone in the bathroom was applying something (lube, anal-eze gel, douche) getting ready for a play date, or someone was applying some medical cream (preperation H) for something not so fun.
3. This photo is just random and funny. I wouldn't offer to suck dick for beer as i'd do it for free. ;-)
4. I've always wanted to buy a pair of plain white vans and paint them/marker them up myself.
5. Speaking of things i've always wanted to do, i've always wanted to try this... yes, that's correct. I've always wanted to try taking 2 dicks up my ass. While it's tempting to say that it may be painful and difficult, when I think of the times i've taken quite large ones or been gang banged by a few guys one right after the other it suddenly seems more do-able.
6. When I came across this picture I was filled with nostalgic joy. I vividly recall watching this ridiculous, weird documentary, Overlords Of The UFO. I wish someone would release it on DVD as i'd love to watch it again. Mysteries From Beyond Earth and Encounter With The Unknown were also cool favorites. I love those cheesy 70's documentaries, they sure don't make 'em like that anymore.
7. I've always found it amusing how "straight" guys will think nothing of pulling out their dicks and pissing in front of each other, even goofing off (such as in this pic) and continuing to insist they don't have a gay bone in their body.
8. When I first saw this photo my attention was immediately drawn to the bearded, tattooed punk, whom I think is HOT! Upon closer inspection I realized the irony of what's tattooed on his arm and what he's holding in his hand.
9. I was amused when I first saw this pic. In my case it would be a little bit of What Friends Think, What Dad Thinks and What I Actually Do... ok, maybe some of What Mom Thinks. Haha!
10. Random scribbling in a public bathroom stall.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


It's been SF bear pride all last week + weekend. Last night I went out to a club for an event called Underbear, which was an underwear dance party. I stripped down to my green Nasty Pig jockstrap and after a few shots and beers was happy, drunk + dancing. The club got packed with half naked, horny guys. I recall making out with a sexy Australian cub, his bear buddy, and a couple from Vancouver. Got felt up as well. Fun fun fun. Then as I left the club I got hit up by a local bud who invited me over and I had fun with him and his young stud bf. Fun times.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Live Music!

This weekend I got to see Cut Copy in concert. My first time seeing them in 2009 they were amazing. This weekend they were fun, not as amazing, though I think that has to do with the fact that in '09 they were touring in support of their album In Ghost Colours, which I was really into at the time and their follow-up album was so-so (haven't listened to the new one I picked up at the show yet). Still I had a good time and it was a nice reminder of why I enjoy live music. The crowd tends to help. There was a chick who asked me if I could move just a little, and when I did she hugged me and said thanks. Then there was the young couple next to me smoking weed, the young latino offering me a hit (I politely declined, but thought it was cool of him anyway). Then there was the tall, very cute bear at the front, who nicely asked these 2 shorter girls behind him if they could see. He was dancing and waving his hands enthusiastically, he was really into it. I think he was straight (though just cuz he was there with a girl didn't necessarily mean he was) but then he also turned around and complimented a dude's mustache behind him, who was there with his boyfriend, so that was cool. Then there was the very enthusiastic gay bear couple next to me, who kept singing the lyrics, jumping and dancing to their favorite songs. And finally there were the balloons with sparkling lights in them that kept bouncing all over the crowd, as well as the glow sticks that kept flying everywhere. I got pegged by a few, and one even broke open and left glow ink all over this oblivious girl's shirt. I recall the last time I saw this band the audience was also really cool, so that was nice. I realize that crowds aren't for everyone, but for those of us who enjoy the chaos, it can be a real fun time. The pic above is the back of the head of the tall cute bear, the best pic I could get of him without being obvious, hehe....

Winter blahs

Now that the best holiday is over (Halloween), there is nothing else to look forward to. Thanksgiving I can take or leave (just an excuse for people to stuff their face and gain weight), Christmas I absolutely hate, with all that fakeness, people sending cards to the people they spend the rest of the year ignoring, all the stores are a war zone with idiots shopping for that ideal gift that will never be good enough, and fools who force  themselves to spend time with those they usually avoid. If I don't like u the rest of the year then guess what? I still don't like u and I hope your tree goes up in flames and ruins your fake holiday. I'm gonna do what I usually do = ignore the "holidays" and hope that a Comet flies off course and smashes into a crowded mall. Mua HAHAHA!!!!