Monday, November 4, 2013

Winter blahs

Now that the best holiday is over (Halloween), there is nothing else to look forward to. Thanksgiving I can take or leave (just an excuse for people to stuff their face and gain weight), Christmas I absolutely hate, with all that fakeness, people sending cards to the people they spend the rest of the year ignoring, all the stores are a war zone with idiots shopping for that ideal gift that will never be good enough, and fools who force  themselves to spend time with those they usually avoid. If I don't like u the rest of the year then guess what? I still don't like u and I hope your tree goes up in flames and ruins your fake holiday. I'm gonna do what I usually do = ignore the "holidays" and hope that a Comet flies off course and smashes into a crowded mall. Mua HAHAHA!!!!

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