Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bear or Cub?

That is the question. For the longest time I referred to myself as a bear. Not that it mattered, but since people feel the need to identify themselves with labels I figured i'd go with one that best represented me.
I joined a gym last year, started working out regularly, etc, and shed some pounds. Not much, or so I had thought, but everyone who sees me begs to differ. In the last few months i've been told "you're shedding pounds", "you're wasting away", "you've lost hella weight", "what are you eating that you're losing all this weight??", etc. One friend even went so far as to say to me "Skinny bitch, you ain't a bear anymore!"
And then there's the dudes. This last year, especially, i've been called cub by lots of guys. Never bear, just cub. I figured that at my age (41, soon to be 42) I was too old to be referred to as a cub but I guess that's not so. Not that it matters. I don't mind being referred to as a cub. If the guy is hot, if it's in the middle of some good sex, you can call me cub all ya want.
I've always thought this labeling thing was kinda silly, as everyone has their interpretation of what a certain "type" is and what a certain "type" is not. And I can't say that I like certain types either, because although there's certain features that make me more attracted to a dude (beard, hairy body, tattoos, shaved head, nipple or septum piercings, big feet) those features can be found in many different types of guys. But I do like bears... or cubs... or whatever they're currently being called.  :-/


  1. my friend, Does it really matter what they call you..as long as you are getting to fuck?

  2. No but I just find it amusing how people view each other. One time I was sucking off a biker dude and he referred to me as something along the lines of being a bad boy punk papi. I almost choked on his dick as I wanted to laugh. That's not at all how I think of myself.