Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photo Randomness.....

Today's entry is just a bit of photo randomness. Some pics I had on my phone or came across and what I have to say about them.
1. This pic is from a story that showed up on Facebook about a guy who was allegedly kicked out of a football game for wearing a speedo. This guy is FUCKING HOT and maybe the powers that be were jealous that he was drawing more attention than the game. Not sure if this really happened, but if cheerleaders can wear very little, than this stud can show off sexy body.
2. I took this photo earlier this year in a coffee shop bathroom. I wondered why this sticker was placed on a liquid hand dispenser. The only thing I could think of is that someone in the bathroom was applying something (lube, anal-eze gel, douche) getting ready for a play date, or someone was applying some medical cream (preperation H) for something not so fun.
3. This photo is just random and funny. I wouldn't offer to suck dick for beer as i'd do it for free. ;-)
4. I've always wanted to buy a pair of plain white vans and paint them/marker them up myself.
5. Speaking of things i've always wanted to do, i've always wanted to try this... yes, that's correct. I've always wanted to try taking 2 dicks up my ass. While it's tempting to say that it may be painful and difficult, when I think of the times i've taken quite large ones or been gang banged by a few guys one right after the other it suddenly seems more do-able.
6. When I came across this picture I was filled with nostalgic joy. I vividly recall watching this ridiculous, weird documentary, Overlords Of The UFO. I wish someone would release it on DVD as i'd love to watch it again. Mysteries From Beyond Earth and Encounter With The Unknown were also cool favorites. I love those cheesy 70's documentaries, they sure don't make 'em like that anymore.
7. I've always found it amusing how "straight" guys will think nothing of pulling out their dicks and pissing in front of each other, even goofing off (such as in this pic) and continuing to insist they don't have a gay bone in their body.
8. When I first saw this photo my attention was immediately drawn to the bearded, tattooed punk, whom I think is HOT! Upon closer inspection I realized the irony of what's tattooed on his arm and what he's holding in his hand.
9. I was amused when I first saw this pic. In my case it would be a little bit of What Friends Think, What Dad Thinks and What I Actually Do... ok, maybe some of What Mom Thinks. Haha!
10. Random scribbling in a public bathroom stall.

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  1. Wonderful post! The one about the two dicks in your ass… I have often wondered if I could handle two up there at the same time.