Friday, April 18, 2014

8 on the 18th

Haven't done a random set of pics in a while. Here's 8 on the 18th day (because I couldn't come up with 18 pics spontaneously).
1. The moon behind clouds one morning before heading to work.
2. When I went to the beach recently this stand caught my attention. This sounds like an upset stomach waiting to happen.
3. A hot pair of dudes on the beach, with added UFO artwork. ;)
4. Pic from the last Bearracuda underwear party I attended.
5. Godzilla vinyl sticker I found. Looking forward to the new movie.
6. Went to see the band Empire Of The Sun. This was a cool sugar skull prop during one of the songs.
7. My lunch = chicken avocado salad.
8. At a coffee shop some dude was leaning forward, showing off his ass crack. He's wearing Hanes undies.