Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fujiya & Miyagi

Last night I got to see Fujiya & Miyagi at the Independent in San Francisco. The last time I had gone up to this venue was a few years back, to see Sea Wolf and The Jealous Girlfriends. I remember that time I had trouble finding parking and drove around for almost 30 minutes to find something. This time I was able to find parking when I first got there. It was about 6 blocks away and I could've found something closer, but I was just happy to find available parking.

They opened with Cat Got Your Tongue and played a good set of fun, funky tunes. They played most of the stuff I wanted to hear, including Minestrone, Taiwanese Boots, Yoyo, Tinsel & Glitter, Uh, Knickerbocker and Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue, which they waited until the encore. The only songs they didn't play which I would've loved to hear were Pickpocket and Dishwasher. Still, it was a good show and a nice start to the year.

Something that was also interesting was when the guy at the door was checking tickets and ID's, he told me that I was the 4th person with the same birthday. I know i'm not the only person that was born on January 1st, but it was funny that there were already 4 of us New Year Capricorns at the show.

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