Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 facts about myself. I'm

1. I love checkerboard stuff. Probably why I'm a big fan of Vans clothing and shoes.
2. My butt had been sodomized by so many men I'm surprised it still works. Haha!
3. For a long time I loved tequila but lately sake has become my favorite alcoholic beverage. Especially paired with a good Japanese beer, as in a sake bomb.
4. Despite my new found love of the gym and working out I will always love junk food. These days in moderation but fuck it! You only live once.
5. I can now say that I've given a few blowjobs in public bars. So much for slowing down with age, I think I'm worse in my 40's.


  1. Sometimes, I go out, I hook up with a guy, he suggests going back to his or to mine and I really want too but I am having a good night and I don't really want to leave....

    Bam! Club toilet blowjob!

  2. Don't ever slow down! Keep going until you are too old to cum.