Saturday, October 12, 2013

5 Things

1. Bandai has recently released a new line of 5" figures, some of which I like and have gotten. Re-sculpts and some new kaiju that haven't been released before. The other non-Bandai figure I recently got was an Iron King figure about the same size. He was a more obscure super hero from the 70's who fought giant robots and aliens.

2. I tend to wear flip flops all year round, even in winter months. Then again I live in California so it don't get freezing cold.

3. I don't get people who rush into relationships. I know someone who moved his bf in with him, barely 2 months into them meeting each other. That would be fine except that every other week this guy is posting FB status updates about the drama and issues he's having with his bf. I fully expect to see an update any day now that they've broken up.

4. I hate flakey people. I understand that sometimes shit happens, but when the same people repeatedly pull the same shit of flaking on you, and/or being extremely late, then it gets tiresome and I find myself quick to dismiss those fools. There's certain people who I won't even bother responding to texts/e-mails/invites when I know they won't end up going or that they'll overly complicate simple plans with their untimeliness.

5. I hate when guys who you're having sex with start rubbing their hands all over you. That annoys me to no end. I'm not some needy bitch who needs affection. Just stand there and enjoy the blowjob i'm giving you. On the flip side of that, if i'm having sex with 2 guys and i'm sucking one off while the other is plowing me, I can take the plowing for a very long time, no matter how big or rough he's thrusting. Something about the distraction of sucking a dick makes it do-able. 


  1. Love your post today! Specially #5. I totally agree, there is something about concentrating on sucking that dick that enables me to take the fucking longer.