Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mail Goodies

Yesterday I had 2 things waiting for me in the mail. One was an Ultra-Act Ultraman Leo figure that I got off ebay a few weeks ago. The other was a free cd that I got by calling in to the radio station that was giving away free copies. The band is called Cause And Effect and their music was being played on a local college radio station that I listen to frequently. I seemed to enjoy their music, a synth-pop/electronic mix that recalled the classic music of Depeche Mode as well as current favorites De/Vision, Apoptygma Berzerk and Holy Ghost to name a few. The DJ said to call the station to get a copy of their latest EP, so I did and yesterday it arrived in the mail. It consists of 4 good electro songs. So now I got a geeky electro soundtrack to go along with my Ultraman figure.

The weekend is upon us and I currently have no plans, although something usually pops up in the form of a
text/e-mail getting an invite to do something. Maybe i'll make a batch of that good, strong Sangria I made last
weekend, where just one glass got me good and toasted. Sangria by itself has a tendency to get me drunk, but I added peach schnapps, triple sec and cranberry juice that gives it an extra punch. Maybe i'll see about getting a ticket to Treasure Island Music fest as I got an invite to join some friends. Cut Copy and Empire Of The Sun are headlining the day they're going, sounds fun. Perhaps i'll try painting something as I have a few ideas forming in my head. Shopping is out of the question; I have enough shoes, t-shirts, shorts, underwear and tank tops to last me well into the next 3 summers. No I don't need another pair of Converse, I don't need another pair of Vans... I don't need another pair of Adidas....

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