Monday, July 25, 2011

Neurosis and Sociopathy

I recently hung out with a female friend who happens to be a Cancer (as in zodiac sign). I quickly found myself drinking more booze so that I could get good and toasted and thus render her neurotic yapping less irritating. She really makes a fool of herself simply by opening her mouth, feeling the need to share each and every neurotic, paranoid thought that comes into her head. She doesn't realize that this only paints her as a basketcase. I've told her countless times not to do this type of stuff, sharing her neurotic insecurities. Doing that only produces two results: it scares off the stable people and attracts the unstable people. Does she listen? No! Half of the conversation she had was her whining about these "friends" of hers who she's having issues with, are mean to her, manipulate her, play mind games with her. If she would listen to me and stop sharing her intimate insecurities with others she wouldn't constantly find herself the target of sociopaths who get off fucking with her mentally. I admit that it's quite easy to fuck with this friend's head. A simple, suggestive comment can easily send her spinning like one of those toys that you pull the string and let 'em go. Sad but true!
And then there's this "gay" male friend who is also a Cancer and suffers from the same condition. I put gay in parentheses because he's no longer living that lifestyle, because it never worked out for him. The reason for this is because his neurotic clinginess scared off every decent guy he'd meet. I told him countless times that guys need space, you can't get all clingy on a guy you've just met or he'll bail. Unless he's an unstable basketcase, in which case he'll stick around and you'll soon regret ever having met him. I recall listening in utter horror as he would send men running away by doing things such as asking "so where do you see this thing going?" halfway through the first date. And like my female friend, every thing that I said to him went in through one ear and out the other. So i've pretty much given up.
Now i'm not saying that every single person who is a Cancer is like this because it's kinda ridiculous to pidgeonhole someone based on their zodiac sign, but on the other hand i've run into quite a number of Cancers who were like this. I think the only Cancer i've ever met that wasn't like this is my brother. He's always been a happy, fun-loving and confident guy, which is completely the opposite of the other Cancers i've met. I need to meet more Cancers like my brother so I could get rid of this silly notion that I have that all Cancers are hyper-sensitive neurotics. And before ya'll go getting offended by this keep in mind that I also place the microscope under my own zodiac sign, Capricorns. I think we have a tendency to be bitchy, judgemental, mean-spirited, sarcastic, unforgiving and stubborn as fuck. The fact that a high percentage of serial killers are Capricorns doesn't surprise me at all. Not that i'm admitting to having sociopathic tendencies, that's a thought that I don't bother entertaining anymore. Besides, all the human remains I used to store in my freezer I threw out years ago.


  1. 'Where do you see thing going'

    On the first date? I would have been out of there so fast.

  2. And that's exactly what every guy that he tried to date did. Haha!