Friday, July 22, 2011

Annoyances and Loud Music!

rantSince i've gotten a tattoo on my right arm (technically on the deltoid area), i've noticed how many people have a tendency to touch, grab, smack and pull on that arm. This is fucking annoying me. What's really annoying is when you tell people "don't touch that arm, I just got a tat there" and 5 minutes later they're stupid asses do it again. Maybe if I punch their fucking teeth out they'd get it? A lot of people say "sorry, I didn't know", but many of them do know that I got a tattoo, and maybe i'm being a picky bitch, but you don't need to have a PhD to know that when you have ink sliced into your skin it's basically a wound and it's not going to heal overnight. So when you hit, scratch, grab and pull at that area it's going to hurt you stupid dumbasses! Hopefully no ink gets scratched off it otherwise i'm going to grab a knife and slice a chunk off your skin and see how you like it. I swear the next person who taps, grabs, smacks or pulls at my arm i'm going to fucking bury a hatchet in their goddamned faces!

In other news, last night I went to see Soundgarden. All 4 of the original members got back together for a reunion tour. Soundgarden were one of my favorites in the 90's so I was happy when they regrouped for this tour so I can see them because I never got a chance to see them in their heyday. They played a 2 hour set consisting of songs from all their albums. Chris Cornell (HOT!!!!) was sporting long hair and a beard, damn he looked good! I was hoping he'd remove his shirt but it didn't happen. But their live versions of Outshined, Rusty Cage, Fell On Black Days, Spoonman, The Day I Tried To Live, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Jesus Christ Pose and the awesome finale of Slaves & Bulldozers were simply awesome! Today i'm tired and my legs hurt from standing so long, but that's what beds and pain pills are for.

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