Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fresh Ink

This last Friday I got my 6th tattoo, a skull and crossbones/heart design. I got the design from the Italian company called Tokidoki, that makes Japanese style toys, clothes and make-up. I've been buying their stuff for quite a while now, and have always been drawn to their crossbones and heart design.

When I saw a skull version of this design (with 2 facing silouhette skulls in the heart) I immediately fell in love with it and knew that it was a tattoo that I wanted. So this week I made an appointment at the tattoo shop I frequent, and the next day I went in and got it inked.
I like this design for a variety of reason, it's representative of several things in my life. That got me to thinking about what I would tell people when they ask, because you know that there's always people who have to ask why you got that tattoo, what it means, etc. I admit that this is something that's always kind of annoyed me. People always ask me about my forearm tattoo (a star-arrow design that's the symbol of the Science Patrol for the Ultraman show). Usually i'll tell them and they'll react with a blank "oh", because most people don't know who Ultraman is anyway. I just feel that it's an intrusive, slightly dumb question. I don't go around asking people why they wear the clothes they wear, why they wear the shoes they wear, why they wear their hair like that, why they're wearing that color make-up, why they're driving that car, why they're married to that douchebag.... Maybe it's a silly pet peeve or hang-up of mine, but I always find myself a bit put off when people ask me. Perhaps if I felt that they were sincerely trying to get to know something about me, but I find that most of the time it's just to satisfy they're morbid curiousity. I've considered making up a long, intricate, explicit story just to make fools of them. Or I could just say "it's kind of personal" and leave it at that. I think in the end it all ties in to the fact that I tend to have strong boundaries and don't feel the need to share every intimate detail of my life with a perfect stranger. So before I go rambling on and on i'll just end this blog by saying I really love my new tattoo.


  1. For some reason, pictures on your posts are never visible to me. :(

    But congrats on the new ink!

  2. I don't know why the pictures are visible on some computers and not others. Maybe I need to change the format of the pics.