Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Things

This rant has to do with all the websites and blogs online where the owner is under the delusion that they're some high fashion consultant and feel the need to tell people how to dress, what to wear and not to wear. In particular, I find it annoying when people write blogs and articles complaining about men wearing flip-flops. Honestly, who really gives a fuck what a guy wears on his feet? I agree that it's not appropriate wear at the office, but other than that why is it such a big deal? I've read an alarming number of blogs and sites where people bitch and complain about something as insignificant as them seeing a guy wearing flip-flops with jeans at the local taco shack or coffee shop. I personally happen to find that many guys look hot with jeans and flip-flops anyway.  In the end who really gives a crap????

Halloween weekend was pretty cool and mellow. I went out with some friends, did some drinking, did some dancing, went to a fun haunted house, and ate too much candy. One friend got way too drunk and made an ass of herself, embarrassing herself and everyone else that was around her (including some of her co-workers). Apparantly practicing restraint while drinking with co-workers is something that never occurred to her and now she's paranoid because they're all suddenly acting distant. Can we say DUH???? She's now on this "i'm going to monitor my drinking" kick but I know her well enough to know that this will last as long as a plate of tuna in front of a cat.

An out-of-state friend has been e-mailing me and telling me the details of some dude he's been messing around with. Apparantly this dude he's met is bisexual and doesn't have much experience with guys (or so he claims). But after receiving his first rimjob from my friend he wants to try more and wants my friend to be the 1st guy to pop his manhole. My friend is asking me for advice 'cause he's afraid he'll have performance issues. I told him not to sweat it and just enjoy it. I just find it amusing that i'm being asked for advice on something like this.


  1. Fuck the fashion police. A man needs to figure out what he's comfortable in and enjoys wearing and go with it. Ultimately he'll be more relaxed, more himself and probably more desirable to the kind of man he wants to have sex with.

  2. Well said Will. Natural confidence is attractive as hell.