Saturday, October 15, 2011

2 Different Dudes, Same Name

This week I got together with 2 dudes, both named Marco. Marco #1 was a cute 24 year old bear, while Marco #2 was a thin framed early 40's latino. Although both were fun and sleazy in their own separate way, I think I enjoyed Marco #1 more. That was pretty much the highlight of my week. At first when I sat down and thought about what to write, I kept drawing a blank, couldn't think of anything significant that had happened to me. Then I realized that getting together with 2 dudes with the same name was something significant. I guess my attitude about sex is very casual and non-chalant; it's as normal and average to me as eating or going to work.


  1. As it should be! I always loved the encounters I've had meeting a guy and after a couple of minutes
    we've gone off someplace where we could have what nearly always turned out to be really nice, spontaneous sex.

  2. Nice spontaneous sex is the best. ;-)