Friday, September 30, 2011

Nudity In Public and Ladytron

Last Sunday I spent the day in San Francisco. First I attended the Folsom Street Fair where I got to see plenty of naked butts and dicks and the usual assortment of people dressed in leather. I snapped lots of pics, but since I can't post 'em on Facebook I thought i'd share some here. Hot asses, nice dicks and straight up nakedness.

What I also found really hot were these 2 dudes dressed like officers that got up on stage and started dancing. Hotness hotness hotness!

Later that evening I went up to the Regency Ballroom to see Ladytron. They were good as usual. Much better than the last time I saw them. However, that's partly due to the fact that the dumb bitch I went with last time ruined the show by being a drama queen and throwing a fit. Needless to say I never bothered going to a show with that dumb twat again! It took 'em a while to gain some momentum, opening softly with Soft Power. A few songs later in the set they really took off musically, with an awesome 1-2-3 punch of Runaway, Ace Of Hz and Little Black Angel. Other highlights were Mirage, White Gold, International Dateline, Discotraxx and an awesome finnish with Seventeen. Helen looked cute in a white gown-like blouse and these flowery things in her hair. Mira also looked cute wearing a black dress with cherries, but at the same time she looked bored. However she usually has that unenthusiastic expression so it might just be how she is. Opening act Polaris At Noon was pretty decent. The other dude, Sonoio, was kinda dull, just sitting on the floor while this light panel lit on and off, and he appeared to be lipsynching his techno songs. He seemed to have the personality of a pretentious douchebag too, as he never once engaged with the audience or even aknowledged this obvious fan who was at the front of the stage and waving to him.

It was a great night nonetheless. Hot dudes and live music from a favorite band, who could ask for more?


  1. Is it legal to be naked in the street like that? Didn't people object to you taking photos.

    I think the freedom and liberation coming across in these photoss is very refreshing.

  2. At events like this it's ok for people to be naked in public and no one bats an eyelash. There are cops at the event but they are there more for security and to deal with unruliness than to arrest anyone who's naked. Considering that about 50% of the people in attendance are either naked or showing some type of body part it would be pointless to try arresting anyone. They do block off the streets so it's contained in one small area.

    People seem really laid back and cool about having their photo taken. Practically everyone who sees you bust out a camera will stop and pose for you. The 2 dudes who are together in the picture were friendly with my friend and me, chatting with us while I snapped pics of them and their dicks. This sort of thing is normal at these type of events. I do always try being polite and ask if I could take people's photos. Plus you have to assume that if you're going to be naked or dress provocatively at a public event that people will take your photo and in this day and age you have to expect that any photo taken of you in public by a stranger will end up on the internet. Yes, there is a lot of freedom and liberation at events such as this.