Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 on the 5th

So i've seen some bloggers do similar blogs where they'll post random pics on a certain day = e.g. 8 on the 8th, 12 on the 12th... I thought i'd give it a shot. Here are 5 random shots taken on today, the 5th of the month.

1. An upside down crossing signal I encountered when walking to the store on my break.

2. Today my t-shirt matched my undies.

3. Random eye reflection in bathroom mirror.

4. My collection of Marmit Spectreman figures. Spectreman was an outrageous superhero show from Japan in the 70's.

5. Later in the afternoon I met up with a friend for coffee and snapped this pic of a dude's foot in flips and sweats while I was waiting. I got a thing for dude's feet and his were nice.


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