Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Connectedness and Lucky Charms

Recently i've joined a free men's workshop that focuses on health, geared towards gay and bisexual men. Physical, Mental and Spiritual health. I've attended the first 2 meetings and I can see that i'm going to enjoy this experience. There's something very rewarding about being in a group of diverse men and sharing common experiences and finding common ground. I've already begun to see that some of the guys in the group that I thought I may not have anything in common with or didn't think I would relate to, it's turned out that I have more in common with them then I had thought. I'm really looking forward to the next meeting and am being completely open to the experience. I've always found myself a bit at odds with other gay men, feeling like I could never relate to them other than in a sexual way. This experience is leaning towards proving me wrong in that area, and if it does i'm happy to embrace it.
In other news, my straight buddy gave me a bear paw charm that he had bought some time ago. It was a good luck charm and he got it at an Indian store. It's supposed to offer protection to those who wear it. My friend gave it to me because of the bearpaw tattoo he saw on my chest that reminded him of it, and I also explained to him the symbolic meaning of bears to the gay bear culture. I now carry it around with me everywhere I go, along with my orange rosary that I got in New York last summer. As I get older i'm taking the opportunity to embrace as many feelings of connectedness with others as I can. Maybe that's corny or cheesy, but one thing i've learned in my 40 years on this planet is that being able to truly connect with another person is one of the greatest experiences you can have. Otherwise, life is meaningless if you're going to spend it hiding in a shell.

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  1. Being connected to others is so important. Glad you found this group... sounds like it will end up meaning a lot to you.

    Hope you are planning a nice long sexy weekend!