Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ladyhawke - Anxiety

Ladyhawke's new album has finally been released in the US, and to my joy she can still write a good, catchy pop song. I loved her debut release, a record that sounded like it came straight out of 1984 with it's heavy new wave synthesizer hooks. Some new wave haters criticized her for this. With this second album Ladyhawke has put down her keyboards, picked up a guitar and has sent a nice, fat FUCK YOU to those who criticized her electro 80's sound. If the songs Girl Like Me, Sunday Drive, Blue Eyes, The Quick & The Dead, Vanity and Anxiety don't get your ass moving with their guitar driven riffs and irresistable fuzz then you're simply incapable of appreciating a good beat. This album kicks all sorts of ass!

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