Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random 6 on the 6th

I was too busy to post anything yesterday for a monthly 5 on the 5th, so i'll post 6 photos from yesterday and today.
1. A sexy businessman I saw on the train yesterday afternoon.
2. A pasta salad I saw when I stopped at a market to get some water. Hooker salad???
3. In keeping with the pride theme, here's a pic of light reflecting a rainbow as I exited a small mall by my place.
4. Near a trail where I went hiking there's this funky record store. I snapped this photo from the glass door.
5. A pen holder that sits on my computer desk. As you can see I have multicolored pens and the green thing is ideal for holding my cell phone.
6. I invited a buddy over for some afternoon fun. Here's a pic of our gay pride "session". Hehehe!