Sunday, February 2, 2014

Deciphering Guy Speak

Anyone who deals with guys long enough will (hopefully) learn to decipher the true meaning of what is being said. It's really a useful skill to learn. There are certain phrases that the experienced will know exactly what it means, what it doesn't mean, etc. Here's some examples:
"I might be free later" = This means the guy probably WON'T be free later and you'll waste your time waiting around for a meeting that won't happen.
"Let's meet up sometime" = You'll probably never hear from this guy again. And don't even bother contacting him because you'll just get some excuse about how busy he is, etc.
"I'll call/contact you later this week" = Don't plan on getting that call/text/e-mail. Unless he gives you specific date and time you'll find yourself sitting around waiting... and waiting....
Now if you're the type of guy who uses lines like the ones listed above then you should be aware that this may be the reason why you find yourself often home alone, bored, with no plans or no one available to do stuff with. Words like MAYBE, MIGHT, LATER don't instill a lot of confidence that there will be follow through. If you're serious about callling someone later, meeting up with them later, etc, then you most likely should NOT use the above words because when you do call that guy in the middle of the week to ask if he's free on the weekend he's probably already made plans with someone else who bothered to follow through with a more solid plan. That's how I am. I will NOT block off any chunk of time for a might or a maybe. If person A tells me "maybe we can hang out this weekend?" and person B tells me "let's do dinner and a movie this Saturday night, i'll pick you up" then person B will get my RSVP. If you're not sure that you can follow through on suggested plans then you should NOT bother making the suggestion in the first place.
That's my story and i'm stickin' to it... you can now go back to your regularly scheduled program. ;-)

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