Monday, March 19, 2012

AT&T sucks and NOT in the way i'd like it to!

I've come to the conclusion that AT&T should change their name to AU&C, meaning absolute useless crap. I find it appalling that this company brags with advertisements that claim more bars in more places and the biggest 4G network in the area, yet I find their service to simply suck and be unrealiable. I used to believe that crappy cell phone reception (including dropped calls, inability to make a call due to no signal, inability to connect to wi-fi because of poor network connection, and difficulty sending text messages due to poor network connection) was due to the cheaper Nokia Go Phone I owned. Well since upgrading to a Samsung smart phone I continue encountering the same problems with crappy reception. A co-worker who has an iPhone complained to me that she hated it because she wasn't able to use it at work to connect to the internet or send texts. As soon as I found out she had AT&T I knew what the problem was. It's not her iPhone that sucks, it's her crappy carrier that sucks. In fact, everyone that I know who's had AT&T has bitched and complained about how their service sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Another friend got into a heated argument with an AT&T tech, finally bitching that it was bullshit for her to pay for a service that doesn't always work. I have to go and stand in certain places in my apartment in order to be able to connect to the internet or send photos via text message, and my bedroom is not one of those. Maybe I just want to chill in my bed and jerk off to xtube videos, but the lack of connectivity forces me to do this in the kitchen, and it's sometimes hard to have a good wank when you're staring at your sink full of unwashed dishes or a box of Cheerios with that dumb bee staring back at you. As soon as my contract is over i'm thinking of switching to Verizon. I've noticed that "cheap" services like T-Mobile and Metro PCS seem to have better mobile service than crappy AT&T. Does anyone else have trouble with AT&T service or is my town (which is the 2nd largest city in California, mind you) that simply has crap reception?


  1. Knock on wood, but I've never had any issue with AT&T here in Arkansas, or when traveling to Dallas or NOLA or Orlando. The whole reason I switched to AT&T was actually because Alltel and Sprint (my former providers) wouldn't even work at my home. But friends who had AT&T phones had no problems here at all.

    Maybe that's the only good thing about being in Arkansas....


  2. Ha! AT&T is crap! I ditched them long ago. Besides the crummy service and very high price... trying to watch some guys fucking online was crazy. I've got phone and internet with my cable provider and things are much better now.

  3. So I guess I need to move to Arkansas to improve my service. Until then i'll be like an unsatisfied housewife, fantasizing about a better lover.

  4. AT&T in Michigan is crap too. I have Verizon and it's great. I might pay a little more than I would with AT&T but I never drop calls and get great service everywhere in my house. One tip for your phone at home: get a wireless router for your home pc, like linksys. Ours is connected to the desk unit, you can still use your pc normal but you can connect your phone to wifi and avoid using data on your mobile plan. Works great if you have unlimited internet access. Also the wifi will work in your whole house so you don't have to worry about 'dead zones'. My phone & laptop automatically connect to my wifi when I get with in a certain range of the house. The routers are password protected so no one can use it unless you give them the password. Hope this helps.