Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rainbowman & other stuff...

Today I stopped at my local collectibles store, Time Tunnel, to see what they had to offer. I've blogged about this store before, it has a LOT of vintage toys and collectible figures. Old Star Wars figures and memorabilia, vintage fisher price little people, old transformers, Universal monster stuff, Star Trek, Lost In Space, etc.

Today I found an old figure of a japanese superhero named Mirrorman. This superhero had 7 different forms. This yellow form is known as Moonman (Dash 1) and has the ability to deflate and fit into small spaces. The other forms all have different powers. The other monster is a bandai Chandora, from the Ultraman Powered show.

Both toys are old and a bit beat up, but they were pretty cheap so I took 'em. I hadn't gotten any geeky collectible stuff in a while so it was nice to find 2 things that I liked. Another thing about that store that's cool is that there always tend to be geek type dudes in there browsing. I got a soft spot for geek types and based on experience have had some awesome sex with several Trekkies.


Earlier in the week I met up with a friend for lunch in SF and he took me to Clarion Alley in the Mission District, a long alleyway where there is street art on both sides of the walls. There was some really awesome artwork, my favorite being a group of police officers surrounding a dinosaur, with the lights casting a a large shadow. Cool stuff.

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