Wednesday, July 18, 2012

25 Questions

A friend of mine sent me a list of questions, and since I haven't posted anything in a while, I figure i'd make this my latest blog entry.
1. What is the last thing you listened to (musically)?
A compilation that I made with songs by Neon Indian, Anoraak, College, Phoenix, Washed Out, Bear In Heaven, Simian Mobile Disco, Groove Armada, Broken Social Scene, B. Fleischmann and a few others...
2. What is your current mood?
Pensive... thinking about what's the point of life.
3. Who was the last person you were intimate with?
Some dude last week, or was it the week before? I didn't get his name. I usually don't.
4. Are you looking forward to anything in the near future?
I got some stuff coming in the mail I got from ebay, like a Bandai Gubira and a Mattel shogun warriors Nokogirin. They're monster figures of Ultraman monsters, if you don't know (which you probably don't).
5. What's the last thing you ate?
Graham crackers and chocolate lactaid.
6. What do you plan on doing tomorrow?
Hmmm... make myself a nice breakfast, get some exercise, maybe venture out to a cool shop or two.
7. What was the last thing you shopped for?
Groceries: spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, bread, pasta, coke zero, turkey bacon, eggs, turkey hot dogs....
8. Boxers or briefs?
Both. Jockstraps are nice too.
9. Who was the last person you e-mailed?
Joel. I e-mailed him to see how he was doing.
10. Who was the last person who e-mailed you?
Golden Voice with their latest concert listings.
11. What was the last electronic device you used?
My computer, which I used to post this blog.
12. Do you Netflix? If so, what was the last movie you netflixed?
Yes, last film was a silly b-movie called Leeches with half naked dudes getting attacked by mutated leeches.
13. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?
Woody Allen's To Rome With Love. It was ok, not as good as Midnight In Paris or Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
14. How many porn dvd's do you own?
Quite a lot.
15. Do you own a pair of sunglasses?
I own a few actually. I change 'em depending on what i'm wearing.
16. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?
My friend invited me over for sake bombs at his place last night. They were yummy!
17. What's a random thought that went through your head today?
How come all the hot horny guys are always hundreds of miles away????
18. Are you looking for love?
Sadly no. I stopped believing in that crap years ago and don't see myself changing my mind anytime soon.
19. How has the summer been for you thus far?
June was pretty damn busy. Parties, a concert, pride, marching in the pride parade, get togethers with lots of people, etc. etc. It's finally all died down.
20. Who do you feel most closest to?
My best bud whom I had sake bombs with.
21. How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled... with cheese and/or ham.
22. Do you like to dance?
Yes. Did lots of it last month.
23. What are you currently wearing?
Black tank top, black & white tapout shorts.
24. How often do you shave?
Every other day at least, usually my head and certain spots on my neck, under my beard so it doesn't grow too wild.
25. What's an upcoming event that you're looking forward to?
Folsom Street Fair in September... Zombie-O-Rama in August.

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  1. Hey Buddy!
    Cool post, it is always interesting to find out more about bloggers I read and more important to find out about frequent readers of MY blog.