Sunday, July 22, 2012

Observations About Online Life

1. Safety In Distance
I've noticed that when it comes to blatant online flirting it seems that the hot, horny guys always seem to be hundreds of miles away from you. On any given website, app, etc. it seems that the dudes who flirt with you most, who will send you explicit pics of their stuff without a second's notice are always the guys who are so far away that your chances of ever meeting them to actually do the stuff that they say they want to do with you are slim to none. Not that this doesn't happen with local guys, but it seems that the ones who most want to get into my shorts are always several states (or countries) away. Perhaps people feel more comfortable sending pics of their dick, ass, etc, to someone whom they'll never actually meet because this eliminates the possibility of real time rejection? Then again, maybe the reason local guys are more reserved with this is because they don't want to run the risk of actually running into you when they're out in the real world? When you're standing in line at Starbucks with your Mom and Aunt, do you really want to run into the guy from, say, Grindr, whom you spent the previous weekend eating out his ass on a Friday night? Or have someone come up to you when you're having lunch with your sister and her kids and say "hey man, you're Bttm4Hung from Bear411, aren't you???"
2. Your App Update Sucks!
It would be nice if the designers of apps took the time to make sure they updated every aspect of a current app when deciding to update it and make it better, so that it's convenient and user friendly, instead of forcing the user to learn a new system or even be able to do the simple things that they could do with the old version. I recently updated the Facebook app for my smartphone, and now find that when I upload photos, I can only upload them to my mobile uploads album and no other album. Before I had the choice to designate which album I wanted to put the photo in. With the updated version I can no longer do that. I can still create new album, but what's the point in doing so if you won't be able to upload any photos to it??? I also can no longer move photos from one album to another. This makes me wary of updating any of my other apps, for fear that I may not be able to do the simple things I could do with the older versions. It's like updating a maps app that doesn't allow you to look up driving directions anymore, or a Netflix app that no longer allows you to update or make changes to your queue.
3. What You Post Online Is Up For Grabs, Duh...
An acquaintance of mine recently bitched and complained online because he found out that the naked photos and sex videos he posted on his X-Tube account were reposted on other tumblr websites without his permission. I would think that he would actually appreciate the free publicity, but apparantly not. I'm sorry, but anyone with half a brain should know that anything you post online is up for grabs, to hell with copyright laws. Anyone with internet access can see videos of you engaging in orgies, fisting, jerking off, barebacking, sucking dick, fucking random strangers, as well as photos that show you in all your naked glory, but when someone reposts it somewhere else you get upset? That makes no sense to me. Are you afraid that it will eventually get viewed by someone whom you don't want viewing it? Well I have news for you sweetie! Since you posted links to your X-Tube account on your Facebook, twitter, etc, all your family, co-workers, employees, managers and neighbors are able to see for themselves that you're capable of taking an entire forearm up your ass. If you don't want these people seeing this stuff, then don't post it, period. Silly silly silly!


  1. Love your post today! Everything you had to say is so true!
    I post my Dick and Ass often... but I always make sure those photos are never connected to the real me. I can just imagine what Aunt Pearl would say.

  2. Haha! Aunt Pearl might be shocked, or she might surprise you and say something random like "oh it's so nice that you get gay ass often nephew!" Haha!