Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shoes, Monsters, Bears and Ink

Shoes And Monsters
I had a few days off from work last week, mainly because I had too much accrued time off and I wanted to use up some of my holiday hours. I didn't end up going anywhere or doing anything, just stayed home and relaxed, which was nice. At the end of last week I browsed through a local mall and stopped at the Vans outlet, to see if they had any cool shoes on sale. I immediately found a cool pair with graphic art on them, on sale for only $20! They were in the back in the clearance aisle, and from experience, if you don't grab what you see there it will be gone the next day, so I snatched 'em up. I heart Vans! Then I got a delivery in the mail of 2 monster toys I ordered from ebay the previous week. The monsters Nokogirin and Gubira, from Return of Ultraman and the 1st Ultraman show. I've always loved Gubira, the fish with a drill nose, and Nokogirin appeals to me because he's a giant bug, and I loved insect kaiju from the Ultra shows. So those were my geeky purchases last week and weekend.
Woof! Grrr!
I installed the Growlr app on my phone on Sunday, and ever since then my phone has been bombarded with messages from horny guys from all over. Jeez! It's a good thing most of them are hundreds of miles away, but like I said in my previous post, if they were closer they'd probably be more reserved. Not that this has kept some of the local dudes from trying to meet up with me. Smart phones and the internet make it so relatively easy to get laid these days, I wonder what people did back in the day before all these apps and sites? For the most part i've been polite and tried to be good, but I am a man and some of them bears and cubs and harder to resist. Hmmm...
Ink Appt.
So I went up to the tat shop in SF where I got my last tattoo done, only to find out that the guy who did my tat wasn't working there anymore. It wouldn't be the 1st time a tattoo artist that I liked moves away (such as the one who worked at a shop up the street from where I live), but the owner of the shop seemed pretty cool and asked if he could help me. I gave him an idea of what I wanted and we talked about an idea or two. I browsed through his portfolio and he does good work, so I paid the deposit and made an appointment to go back up in 2 weeks to get it done. This will be my 9th tattoo, so i'm looking forward to it. It's basically a circle with Ultraman's face in it, surrounded by japanese style rising sunbeams, such as found on the flag of the rising sun. I've always admired that design and Ultraman is of Japanese origin, so it should be cool.


  1. Now why doesn't that surprise me??? I love 'em!

  2. I hope your weekend will be filled with lots and lots of sex!