Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 on the 25th

Normally I post 5 random photos on the 5th of the month, but I took quite a few random photos today, so i'm going to cheat and post them today.
1. Dude in Starbucks with interesting tats on his calves. The one on the left looks like it might be symbolizing gay equality?
2. Keeping with the Starbucks theme, many months ago I stopped at a Starbucks to get me some coffee and found this little pink bear laying in the parking lot. I picked it up and it's been sitting in my car ever since.
3. A pair of shot glasses I bought earlier today, pink Dia De Los Muertos theme and a bigger Domo double shot.
4. Yesterday I found a figure i've been wanting for many years but it has always eluded me until now. It's the plant hybrid monster Biollante from the Godzilla film series. The monster was created when a scientist fused Godzilla cells with a rose plant, creating this monster. This particular toy figure is known to collectors as "The Stump" due to it's flat stump-like bottom.
5. One of my favorite stores Tilly's was having an online sale last week, so I ordered a few t-shirts and they came in the mail today. This was one of them, a psychedelic zombie design.
Speaking of zombies, next Friday is Zombie-O-Rama, and I plan on attending, dressed like a geek zombie. I got my geek glasses, white shirt (which i'm planning on adding rips and blood to), bowtie and suspenders to complete the look. This week i'm gonna be on the look out for some thick pencils to glue to my face to make it look like I got stabbed with them. Can't wait!

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  1. My friend, I hope you are having a very sexy weekend!