Sunday, August 19, 2012

weekend ponderings

I had an interesting weekend. The 2 things that stand out the most are this:
1. I found a little orange/yellow buttefly on the floor. I thought it was injured or something, I gently picked it up and it stood on my finger and chilled for a while, just sitting there. For some odd reason I tend to find bugs and insects and they'll let me pick 'em up and just linger there, unafraid of me. Maybe they can sense that I mean them no harm? After a few minutes I waved my hand a bit and the butterfly took to the sky, off for it's next adventure.
2. I had a dude over for some "fun". Not the typical kind of fun that people would assume. He was into having his feet worshipped. By that I mean letting me orally service his bare feet. Servicing men's feet is my claim to kink. Though for me I don't find it kinky or odd at all, but anway.... he was a straight guy and he was only into having me service his feet. He did strip off his pants and jerk off until he came (a few times actually), but that was the extent of what he wanted. He had a very nice dick and I wouldn't have minded sucking it, but I was content with servicing his feet 'cause he did have nice, big feet. He was a nice dude too, and we had an interesting conversation in the hour or 2 that I serviced his feet. So i'm wondering if I could consider that as technically having sex ( I did cum after all ) or not. Hmmm....

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  1. It is great you had some fun! That is a good question. I guess since you both came then you had SEX with this dude.