Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 on the 5th

Here are five random photos taken today, the 5th of this month.
1. I often see these alien face stickers posted around town. I wonder what they mean.
2. I was in the mood for pizza today so I ordered some. This was my lunch. Well, 4 pieces of it anyway.
3. I was getting coffee this morning when I kept eyeing the tattoo on the calf of this dude standing in front of me. I snapped a pic.
4. A random collection of magnets on my fridge.
5. My most recent tattoo, Ultraman face logo with the japanese rising sunbeams around it.


  1. Is that a BSA/Eagle Scout tattoo on the back of his calf?

    And I like your Ultraman tattoo. Very well put together.

  2. I couldn't tell what his tattoo was, but good eyes if u guessed it.