Monday, October 22, 2012

7 Questions About Dating Apps

I stoled this from someone else's blog.
1. What dating apps do you have downloaded on your phone?
I have Scruff and Growlr.
2. Do you think it's possible to find love on those apps?
It's doubtful. Why they're called dating apps is kinda funny to me, as they seem to be more for chatting and hook-ups.
3. Have you ever met anyone from those apps?
Yes I have.
4. What things about those apps do you most like?
It might allow you to talk with someone you might not normally talk with or get the chance to meet. If you're planning on visiting another town you can chat with guys who live there and get recommendations for good places to visit, eat, check out, etc.
5. What things about those apps do you most dislike?
There's lots of idiots on those apps. For instance there's the ones who post shirtless, slutty suggestive pictures then insist they don't do hook-ups. If that's the case then put your damn clothes back on. Another lame thing is men on Growlr who say they're not into bears. It's an app made for bears, so if you're not into them then why the hell are you on there? And finally, there seems to be a growing trend among hiv negative men who put stuff like [-] on their profile name. I know that many poz men will put [+] to let others know they're poz status, but I find it pretty damn offensive for negative men to brag about their negative status. Being poz still carries a lot of stigma, and for a poz guy to disclose his status takes a lot of guts, so for a negative guy to wear his status like a badge seems kind of insulting to poz men who have to deal with others' ignorance just to be accepted.
6. Do you think apps have replaced meeting people in bars?
I think they have. Why bother spending money on buying someone drinks and mindless chatter if you just want to get laid? I know not everyone is on these apps for that, but for those who are it allows them to just get to the point and skip all the "getting to know you" stuff. And these days when you go into bars most men seem to browsing on their phones anyway, oblivious of the cute guy sitting 2 bar stools away from them that might be interested in them.
7. Have you made any significant connections from any of those apps?
I've actually made some friends from those apps, which seems to be surprising to me. Not all men are one-track minded douchebags it seems. There are some decent dudes still out there.

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  1. Good post. I have to say I still enjoy going to a Gay bar once in awhile.
    Oh.... and you left a comment over at MY blog about throwing an Orgy and being the Host...
    Do it! Spread you Ass and enjoy.