Thursday, October 4, 2012

yoga, straightforwardness and the undead

Yesterday I attended my first yoga class. It was pretty challenging but at the same time very cool. I can see how people get in shape doing yoga because it really causes you to stretch and use all the muscles of your body. I figure at my age my body could use all the help I could give it. I do plan on sticking with it as I can tell it will be beneficial to me.
A fellow blogging buddy of mine posted recently about sex and being straightforward about asking for it. I have found that guys that are straightfoward with me usually get what they want (provided I think they're attractive and all). On Monday I was sitting on my front doorstep, listening to the new Presets album while doing some web browsing on my phone, when I got messaged by one such guy who asked if I was game for coming over and having sex. I said "sure, why not?" and as a result of his direct approach he got to enjoy a nice blowjob and rimjob from me. Hehe.
Tonight i'm hanging out with a friend and we're going to attend another zombie event in my town. I got lots of zombie make-up left over from the last event so i'll be using it to zombify myself up. It should be a fun time. I really enjoy being a zombie. Something about being a rotting, undead corpse is appealing to me. Hehe....


  1. Once your body get used to will enjoy doing yoga. It is great. I bet there is most likely a nude yoga group in your area..give it a try!

  2. I'll wait til I get in better shape to try nude yoga. I do like it, I like the challenge.

  3. I want to try this nude yoga, but public erection might be a problem for me.

    I agree coming out and just asking for it, can get you further than going around the houses.

  4. Haha! Yeah I can imagine a public erection being a problem.