Friday, October 5, 2012

Questions about my smartphone

I stole this from someone's blog.
1. What kind of smartphone do you have?
I have a Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. I love it!
2. Necessity, accessory, or my right arm?
Honestly it's become like my right arm. I use it for texting, phone calls, looking things up online, directions, weather reports, taking photos, and answering any random questions that may pop up and are Google-able.
3. Top three favorite apps?
Right now my 3 favorite apps are Google Skymap, which allows me to see constellations and identify stars and planets, Pandora which allows me to have music whenever I want, and Shazam, which allows me to identify a song I hear on the radio, in a store, etc, and eliminates waiting for the DJ to state what it is or asking someone what they're playing.
4. How much do you use your smartphone for calling, texting and data (email, games, movies)?
I use it daily to check my e-mail, text and look things up. I'm not a big phone talker but sometimes it's best to call for important information. I'm a big fan of texting; it's a less intrusive way to contact someone fast.
5. Phone sex? Sextxting? Hookup apps?
Hehe... I do have Scruff and Growlr apps on my phone, and i'd be lying if I said I haven't gotten a few "dates" off those apps. In fact as recently as Monday some dude hit me up on Growlr and due to the fact that he was cute and straightforward he got what he wanted. :-) Texting is also great to contact your FWB's to see when they're available or for them to contact you, and since I get e-mail notifications on my phone I usually don't miss out on e-mails from buds who want to play.
6. Has your smartphone replaced your camera?
Pretty much. I have an old camera that's probably in a box somewhere collecting dust. My phone has a nice camera that takes great photos so it's basically my main camera.
Bonus Question
It's 3 am. You're in trouble. What's the trouble and who do you call?
I found this question odd and not sure how it relates to the rest of the questions, but the trouble would most likely be I got stranded due to car problems, or some medical condition, and i'd call my best gal pal Tamara who's like my sister. Or AAA if it's a car issue.

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