Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting to the bottom of things!

As far as sax goes, bottoming can be a tough job.I'm not referring to the pain of taking a big penis. I'm talking about all the prep work one has to do before the act. Yes, i'm talking about douching. It irks me when guys who want to hook up with you don't give you advanced notice and want you to be ready to go in like 10 minutes. Sorry buddy, but unless you want a mess on your sheets, tool and/or torso, you need to give me advanced notice.

Yes, cleaning oneself can sometimes be a chore. I prefer having as much advanced notice as possible, so I can be fully ready and as clean as possible. If I know a day ahead of time i'll watch what I eat or even try not eating much, if anything at all. And for all those sex advice blogs that think it's no big deal and that cleaning the mess is part of the fun, try telling that to a guy who's wearing the remains of your last meal all over his penis. So yes, being a bottom can be a pain in the ass at times (no pun intended, haha), so for all you eager tops, give a guy a break and practice some patience. Give us bottoms time to do our thing so that you can do your thing mess-free. ;-)


  1. Good advice my friend... but what do YOU do if you meet someone and really want to fuck right then and there?

  2. Um... bring 'em back to my place, put on some music while I do my thing in the bathroom. Or if we're out in public stop by a Walgreen's and buy a fleet enema. Haha!

  3. Or could just skip the fucking and give them a nice bj or rimjob. Guys are usually down for that. ;-)