Thursday, December 8, 2011

My favorite albums of 2011 so far....

Crystal Castles - crystal castles = More crazy noise from this duo. I saw them earlier this year and their show was a loud assault of insanity on your senses. Fun fun! Baptism, Year Of Silence and Celestica are 3 of my favorite songs of 2011.
Ladytron - gravity the seducer = I heart this band and this new album was a departure from their beat heavy past releases, but it soon infected me like their other music. I got to see them live this year as well, great show! At any given time a song from this album will creep into my head.
Holy Ghost - holy ghost = I got into this band because they were opening for Cut Copy and I was supposed to go to the show, but a damn flu bug ruined that so I didn't get to see them live. Still, their synthesizer, 80's retro style music is great!
Freezepop - imaginary friends = This is a fun synthpop band and their new release, along with 2 new band members, gave them a nice boost. I saw them live in.... shit, I don't remember if it was earlier this year or last year! Forgive me, i'm almost 40. Anyways, love this band and this album was really good!
Junior Boys - it's all true = I heart the Junior Boys, and this album became the soundtrack to my summer, especially my trip to NYC in July.
Fujiya & Miyagi - ventriloquizzing = This album instantly hooked me, with it's lazy, mellow delivery and funny lyrics that have become their staple. Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue is probably my favorite song this year.
PJ Harvey - let england shake = I worship the ground this woman walks on, and this new political album where she reflects on her homeland of England is as strong and intense as anything she's ever released. I saw her perform this year and she was amazing.
Babasonicos - a proposito = The new release from these Argentinos is really good. I love this band and got to see them live a few years back. I hope their tour promoting this album comes to the US because i'd love to see them again!
De/Vision - popgefahr the remix = Ok this is cheating, as the original songs on this album were released the year before, but this remix album was released this year so i'm counting it. I love this band, I love the lead singer (DROOL), and this remix album is a double album, so you get 2 different remixes of the same song. Awesomeness!
Death Cab For Cutie - codes and keys = I saw this album at the store but waited a few weeks to purchase it as it was around the time of the Junior Boys release, and I was eager to get that one first. This turned out to be a very solid album from the Death Cab dudes. I've loved their past releases and this is another good one.
Men - talk about body = JD Samson of Le Tigre formed this band and the songs on it were catchy, fun dance ditties. I had a chance to see them live with another great band, CSS, but it was in the middle of the work week and my lazy bear butt never got around to asking for the next day off so I didn't go. Still, a good release from JD!
Cut Copy - zonoscope = I eagerly awaited this release as I loved Cut Copy's last release, one of the best albums ever. This one is not as good as it's predecessor, but it's still a solid release that demands a few listens before you finally enjoy it. I'm still pissed that I missed seeing this band's show this year. I saw them in 2009 and it was one of the most amazing shows i'd ever been to, a high energy, positive vibe experience that felt like being on ecstacy at a rave. Oh well, there will be other times hopefully.
I may have forgotten some or have some that I didn't realize were released in 2011. I bought the new Tori Amos album but I haven't really listened to it as I was in the middle of really getting into the new Ladytron, Junior Boys and Babasonicos releases when I bought it. Plus, Tori's last few efforts haven't been all that. I'm sure next year i'll discover an artist that I like that released an album this year, just like this year I discovered some cool artists that released work in 2010, such as The Pinker Tones from Spain.

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