Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A bit about me.

So I decided to take a shot at blog writing. I used to write blogs when I had myspace before, but that was several years ago. So for this first blog i'll tell you a little something about myself. I like japanese monster flicks, collect japanese toys, I listen to music a lot (everything ranging from Madonna to A Place To Bury Strangers, Fujiya & Miyagi to ABBA, etc, etc.), I enjoy a nice margarita, horror movies, good food (I am a bear of course!), I own way too many pairs of shoes and have a ridiculous need to match my shoes with whatever i'm wearing, I worry about everything and nothing, as far as guys I like all sorts of guys, from bears to twinks to daddy's to jocks to tattooed punks and pretty boys... well, not so much pretty boys. I prefer my men on the more scruffy/rugged side. If you dress casually in a t-shirt or hoodie, jeans or cargo shorts and tennis shoes or flip flops chances are I will think you're hot. And speaking of flips flops, I got a thing for guy's feet as well. And I do love facial hair. Other things I enjoy doing are going to concerts/live shows, shopping at record stores, japanese stores, shoe stores, collectibles stores, and just generally having fun with my friends. Sometimes i'm funny, sometimes i'm quiet, sometimes i'm sarcastic, sometimes i'm stubborn, sometimes i'm direct, and sometimes i'm just a geek. Well that's enough for now.

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