Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Ultraman Toy

My toy fever comes in sporadic waves. Sometimes i'll go months without buying anything, then I might buy a few at a time. It's been months since i'd purchased anything so I decided to head out to my local collectibles stores just to have a look.
The store, Time Tunnel Collectibles, is a pretty cool shop. It has all sorts of nostalgic goodies from way back. If you're into collecting vintage toys and collectibles chances are you'll find something to your liking here. They tend to carry Godzilla and Ultraman stuff, so that's my main reason for going there. Sometimes they don't have much, but I was in luck because they had these new Ultra Act series Bandai Ultraman figures. They're highly poseable, bending at every joint, and have interchangeable parts too. I picked up Ultraseven, who's always been one of my favorite Ultramen.
With the interchangeable parts it allows you to not only pose him, but show off his powers. One arm comes with the traditional spacium beam that all Ultramen posses. Here he is blasting the monster Velokron (yes, I can identify practically all the Ultraman monsters, told you I was a geek).
You can put on a hand that is throwing his eye slugger, probably his most powerful weapon. That spike that goes down the back of his head can be taken off and he shoots it at enemy monsters, slicing and dicing them to pieces. He's decapitated and dismembered quite a few monsters with this one.
Another cool weapon of his is called the Emerium Beam. He puts his fingers together over the green light on his forehead and it shoots out a green beam. I have his arms a bit too low in this pic but you get the idea.
I'm pretty happy with this dude. The inter-poseable feature is quite cool, and the fact that this was manufactured by Bandai is even cooler. They make a lot of Godzilla and Ultraman toys and have been since the early 80's. However, their standard Ultraman figures usually tend to be standing stiffly, only allowing you to move the arms. With these new Ultra-Act series figures you can even move the ends of the toes up and down. Now that's what I call articulation! Such highly detailed figures usually don't do much for me, but these ones really get it right. I can even have him ride Godzilla (no pun intended, haha!)
So yes i'm an Ultraman fan and have been since I first watched Ultraman episodes on tv in syndication in the early 80's. I even got him tattooed on my chest!
I'm hoping they release more Ultra figures in this series. I'd love to get my hands on an Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Leo and Ultraman Max. Ok, that's enough geekiness for now.  ;-)

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