Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Can't You See I'm Burning, Burning...

So this week has found me plagued with an annoying fever that doesn't want to leave. It started on Sunday when I woke up feeling a bit hot. At this point it was only at about 101.7 F but I thought to rest since it might be the beginning of a flu. I had plans that day and that evening, but as the day went on I wasn't feeling much better so I cancelled them. The next day it continued going up and down, and got as high as 103. I called my medical plan and spoke to the advice nurse. She seemed perplexed as the fever (and occassional chills) were the only symptoms I was exhibiting. She told me to keep taking Tylenol to keep it down, that my body was probably fighting some type of virus or something. Well it continued the next morning so I made an appointment to see my doctor at Kaiser. He couldn't figure out what it could be but he ordered some bloodwork to be done, testing me for various things. He called me today with the results: all negative and normal. Sigh. He says that either one of two things will happen this weekend: other symptoms will pop up or it might just go away, having been a bug that's run it's course. I'm hoping it's the latter, because this crap is beginning to annoy me. So far today i've been feeling ok. My temperature has stayed between 98 - 99, though I still feel hot here and there and feel more comfortable wearing as little as possible. I'm just annoyed and frustrated that this crap has gone on for 5 days and they can't seem to figure out what's wrong with me or even give me an idea as to what it might be. People always say that men are stubborn and are afraid to go to the doctor. It's not that we're afraid, it's that we want solid answers and we want them immediately, none of this sitting around and waiting bullshit! I'm most likely going to cancel my plans for this weekend and just stay home and rest. If this shit persists i'm going back and not leaving until they fix me, goddamnit! Or I might just become the next victim of human spontaneous combustion and then my problem will be solved. Ugh!

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